Intimate Encounter Personal Ads - How to Easily Find Someone

If you have ever struggled to find an intimate encounter on the internet, the next few paragraphs will give you all the essential information to make your search a successful one. The trick is to target the right kind of intimate encounter personal ads on the right kind of site. Do this and you will be able to choose a different partner for each day of the week; it really is that easy.

A Free Account On A Paid Dating Site


The most common mistake in using internet dating to find an intimate meeting comes when choosing a free dating site. The free dating service is really a scam; after all, no product or service is ever truly free. Free dating sites collect email addresses, sell them to email brokers and spam them with their own advertising. Worse still, free dating sites are replete with fake profiles. They cannot compete with the big paid dating sites who have millions of members so they create lots of fake profiles to draw you in. What is the solution? Paid dating sites. Put your credit card away though; paid dating sites offer free accounts that have a surprising number of features.

Paid dating sites do not sell email addresses or spam them; they make big money so they have a reputation to keep. You will never find a fake profile on a paid dating site; they already have millions of members so there is no need to create make-believe profiles. Many people will choose not to get a free account from a paid dating site because they think to actually do anything on the site they need to upgrade; this is untrue. You may be surprised to discover just how many features are available on a totally free membership. You can send and receive messages, search millions of active users, create profiles and upload photos, add friends and view profiles. This is really all you need from a dating site; not only that, but you get it for free without the spam and the fake profiles.

So the first tip is simple: Get a free account on a paid dating site.

A Good Profile Will Find Intimate Encounters On Your Behalf

When you create a free account, ensure that you make a good profile. If you do this right you will have several dozen messages from possible mates in the first hour alone. When you first join an intimate encounter dating site, you get added to their recently joined list of online users. What this means is massive exposure for your dating profile. Write an interesting profile and use a good photo of your face. Do not be tempted to photograph parts of your body; a face-photo will get several times as many visitors.

Search For The Right Kind Of Mates

A big intimate encounter site will have several million members. Now it goes without saying that you will need to search for people in your area. There are, however, other search criteria that can be used to make your search for intimate encounters even easier.

Look for newly-joined members who are online. These people have not yet been approached by anyone. If you are quick to message them, you might actually be the first person to contact them. This massively increases your changes of being accepted.

Married men and women are also excellent demographics to target. Married women are, for example, a perfect match for straight, single men. They desire no-strings encounters and because most single men will be looking for single women, there is significantly less competition when seeking married women; your chances of acceptance will double.

Advanced searching criteria will also double your chances of being accepted by possible mates. Many dating profiles will explicitly state the kind of person they wish to meet; right down to ethnicity, age, income, height and more. When conducting a local search of your town or city be sure to target men or women who might be searching for someone exactly like you. This again will double, perhaps even triple, your chances of being accepted.

If you use these tips when looking at intimate encounter personal ads, you will find your chances of successfully finding a partner to be significantly increased. Get yourself a free account on a big dating site, create a profile that makes you stand out from the crowd, and learn to approach the right kind of potential mates. When you get the hang of this, you will be able to find a new partner for each night of the week!

Intimate Encounter Personal Ads - How to Easily Find Someone

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